50 Winners Who Are Helping Others Win: #3 Deondre Moore

National Youth Pride Services is pleased to announce it’s Third Annual list of 50 Winners Who Are Helping Others Win. At NYPS we teach and believe that winners are those who help others win. We asked our members from all over the country to go out and interview 50 people, of their choosing, who they feel are helping others win.


image2 (1)My name is Deondre Moore. Born in Beaumont, Texas September 14, 1994. I am currently a junior at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, obtaining my bachelors of Business Administration with my major in Human Resource management. On April 21, 2014 at the age of nineteen, I was diagnosed with HIV. After my diagnosis I decided that I would dedicate most of my time to help my community and my peers to get the necessary education on HIV and prevention. At first I did not know how to go about this. Until one day I received a phone call telling me that I should apply to become a part of Greater Than AIDS digital story telling workshop which took place in Dallas Texas, known as SpeakOut. I did and was selected. After the SpeakOut workshop was over I became an official Greater Than AIDS ambassador. I have since used this platform to do outreach not only in my community or across the state of Texas but as well as across the nation. Due to my hard work The Kaiser Family Foundation and Greater Than AIDS recently selected me and nine other ambassadors out of the seventy ambassadors across the nation to become a part of the SpeakOut advisory committee. In July of 2015 I was selected to become a part of NMAC’s Youth initiative as a 2015-2016 Youth Leader. As a Youth Leader I was selected to help lead a new campaign known as the 60 second challenge campaign. We were given a goal, to reach 75,000 people via social media to promote HIV testing and HIV prevention. This was to be done during and after the United States Conference on AIDS, and before the conference was over, we had already reach well over 150,000 people via twitter alone.  I have done seminars over HIV/AIDS education and prevention as well as leading HIV positive people in the proper direction to get the care they need. Ending stigma across the country is also very important to me and is also something I am dedicated to doing, because the fact of the matter is “We are all Clean.”


I have quite a few people in my life that i consider great influences on my life. The biggestimage1 (1) influential person i would say is a man by the name of Ken Williams, also known as Ken Like Barbie. I say Ken because he is someone who really motivates me to keep going in the field I have been working in. He is the person who encourages me when I’m feeling down about something or if I feel as though I can not complete a task, he reminds me that I can do anything. When I look at Ken, I see a man whom is very loving, has a positive attitude, and a voice with so much power. I can and have learned a lot from this man. He has taught me to live in my truth and embrace who i am, whoever that may be. 

After college, I hope to work for The Human Rights Campaign. I love politics, I have a strong passion for it. So within the next 5 to 10 years  I can see myself working on a campaign or beginning my own to run for city council or a state representative. My main goal in life, is to live at 1600 Pennsylvania ave Washington, DC. Meaning I (will) be the President Of The United States. 


50 Winners Who Are Helping Others Win

The five words I would use to describe my personality are ambitious, outspoken, leader, optimistic, and caring.


To any youth who wants to come out and live in their truth, BE YOU! Live in your truth and be your true authentic self. Coming out for me was a weight lifted off my shoulders. If you are struggling and want to feel a weight lifted off your life, or you want to feel free, Come out, don’t be afraid to be who God has made you to be. and Never let anyone make you feel bad about your decision to come out.


I don’t consider myself a “Black gay man” because I was always taught that before anything, I am a Man first. I am a man whom happens to be black and gay.  I am as much of a man as any straight man could ever be, it just so happens I am attracted to the same sex.


To any young gay men, I say, do not think that you are any less of a person due to you being black and gay. Society will try to tear you down and may even try to discourage you, but know your worth, and never accept anything less.


My proudest achievement thus far, would be living in my truth as an openly HIV positive individual and seeing where that has taken me, which is to new heights that I didn’t even know I could ever reach.



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