50 Winners Who Are Helping Others Win: #9 Ryann Holmes

National Youth Pride Services is proud to announce it’s Third Annual list of 50 Winners Who Are Helping Others Win on our national magazine RizeUp1! We used our national membership of youth and young adults across the U.S. to come up with the list and we are excited to see who they are not only watching, but learning from. Some were even interviewed by the young person who selected them.

Ryann has called Brooklyn home for nearly the last decade. In 2009, Ryann founded the bklyn boihood collective and is currently the Director of Community Programming at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (MoCADA), in Brooklyn. Ryann completed undergrad at George Mason University, and graduated from Baruch College’s MBA Entrepreneurship program in 2011. Ryann has been featured in numerous publications, was named one of Go Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Women We Love’, and ranked as Velvet Park’s ‘Top 25 Significant Queer Women of the Year’. (Autostraddle.com)

ryann-holmesOk, so what is a “boi?” according to Urbandictionary.com (a HIGHLY trusted source), it’s a word used in “the lesbian community, a young transgendered/androgynous/masculine person who is biologically female and presents themselves in a young, boyish way.” Ryann Holmes, the co-founder of Bklyn Boihood, whose mission is defined as “to spread love through community-building events, music and art while sharing our journey as bois of color who believe in safe spaces, accountable action and self-care” has a more interesting way to answer that question.

In addition to providing physical space for bois to commune, chill, talk and party, Bklyn Boihood also produces a yearly calendar that slyly and geniusly pokes playful fun at annual firefighter calendars by using a similar format that instead, promotes beautiful, regal, stylish images of bois of color empowered by their image. Bklyn Boihood also host an annual retreat and conducts workshops at colleges and community organizations on “Un/Doing Masculinity” which champions “healthy masculinity, intersectionality of identities and anti-misogyny for bois of color all over the world.” (MoCADA)

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