50 Winners Who Are Helping Others Win: #11 Ken Like Barbie

National Youth Pride Services is proud to announce it’s Third Annual list of 50 Winners Who Are Helping Others Win on our national magazine RizeUp! We used our national membership of youth and young adults across the U.S. to come up with the list and we are excited to see who they are not only watching, but learning from. Some were even interviewed by the young person who selected them.

11001757_10101083542873677_6067725535620636845_nKen Williams is a speaker, storyteller, HIV activist, media presence, and the creative force behind the award winning, queer-conscious, video blog, Ken Like Barbie. Diagnosed with HIV in 2010, Ken has contributed much of his online presence to issues affecting PLHIV, with a special attention to communities of color. Ken has collaborated on a national level creating video content and cultivating relationships with prominent media and AIDS Service Organizations such as the Black AIDS Institute, the CDC, and AIDS.gov where he contributes on a quarterly basis as a guest blogger for their Black Voices project. Ken’s work, both visual and written, tackles universal issues & themes through the lens of gay, black metaphors. He is proudly both. Ken’s storytelling approach has not only been celebrated by the LGBT community but his video work and messaging is honored globally.

Ken Like Barbie was created as a hub for self expression. Inspired by all of the tinkering I’ve ever done in my journal, KLB serves as my sounding board and creative practice. I believe in things like self-awareness; mental, physical, social and personal freedoms. I believe in PDA & peace of mind and the spiritual capacity to love & be loved beyond measure.


I picked up a camera nearing the end of my undergraduate studies at Columbia College in Chicago, and after graduation, when the country fell into a recession, my instincts demanded that I create. Today I am a video-hobbyist, media presence, storyteller and a compilation of many other successful adjectives.


My intentions with this platform is to help facilitate community through the connective value of story & self expression. My life is my activism as well as my art.



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