50 Winners Who Are Helping Others Win: #19 Roshaunda Hall

National Youth Pride Services is pleased to announce it’s Third Annual list of 50 Winners Who Are Helping Others Win. At NYPS we teach and believe that winners are those who help others win. We asked our members from all over the country to go out and interview 50 people, of their choosing, who they feel are helping others win.

Interview by De’Andre Roberts

Tell me about yourself:

Roshaunda Hall was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. Although she is known for being an event promoter and business owner her reach goes a lot further. Along with being a single mother of a 16 year old she is also helping to create a new network dedicated to LGBT shows called the All LGBT Network. Although she identifies as a lesbian she feels that when it comes to business no one demographic should be singled out and it should be all inclusive. The All LGBT Network is dedicated to the LGBT community however it is for everyone to enjoy and she hopes that upon launch it will appeal to the masses. The All LGBT Network has had a great start and has even gained the support of Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton.

When it comes to sexual orientation, how do you identify?

Lesbian, however labels aren’t important.  

11807269_1030428953656628_598457411964408505_oWhen did you come out? What was the experience like?

15. Told mom first, who responded “Duh, I already knew. I love you, it doesn’t matter.” I know it’s hard for some but I am blessed to have a supportive family. I did have a family member try to out me to my father but he responded the same way as my mom.

Have you faced any objections from family in regards to raising your son?

No, my family has always been supportive, in fact I am a single mother. My Son is extremely supportive of me. He even wears All LGBT Network gear to play basketball.

Do you believe his upbringing is any different than other children?

No difference. Raised him as I was raised and he’s very respectful.

What work do you currently do in the community?

 I am a Board member, I currently work with Pride, looking to partner with other organizations especially Lesbian to expand and make a bigger name.

What advice would you give the LGBT community in regards to starting a family?

Treat it as you would if you were heterosexual. Those same morals and values apply in this situation. Be yourself, what happens in your household is your business. Critics are hypocritical and will always blame things on it being because of sexuality.

Can you tell me more about the All LGBT Network?

It’s like Netflix  but caters to LGBT community. Will be visiting Prides across the country in order to bring current web series to the Network and make it more streamlined. We are supported by Hillary Clinton’s Campaign.

What is your motivation behind SWAY?

I came up with the slogan 3 years ago during tough times in order to motivate herself. Never give up, every day is a new opportunity to strive for something. Just because it didn’t happen today doesn’t mean it won’t happen. I chose the logo with the infinity sign due to the fact it means forever, in line with never give up.

Do you believe the music industry is making progress in regards to LGBT artists?

Absolutely! I love Empire and the revealing of what’s going on behind closed doors in America.

Why is it important to promote and support LGBT artists?

Often times when you hear about LGBT issues the main focus is on men.

What are some issues that lesbians face that need to have attention brought to?

Breast cancer, cervical cancer…they the same stigma as HIV. Also, raising children with each other and then breaking up.

Do you have any words of advice for young bisexual and lesbian youth of color?

Go for what you know. Support yourself first and don’t be afraid of who you are. You never know what people will do so always tell them the truth.


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