50 Trendsetters To Watch #4: Chris Deloatch, Washington, DC

I’m a true renaissance man. I love all things artistic and always want to express myself in as many artistic forms as possible. Whether it be Singing, acting, writing, modeling , or dancing .

Explain a time where you thought that you failed in any situation, and how you got through the particular situation?

In the modeling industry (or entertainment in general) there are a lot of no’s before there is a yes. Early on in my career at castings, if I didn’t book a “go-see” I took it personally , and internalized the emotions . I had to realize everything is not for everyone, and that I’m still amazing whether or not I land this job . unnamed-4
 How are you using your platform as an entertainer, to help your fans, peers, and your community?
I really just try to follow my dreams to be honest. Life is so short , and an unexamined life is a tragedy . My fans come up to me and tell me how I inspire them by actually having the drive to pursue my goals . I also give tons of advice and try to mentor, when I can, new actors and models to make sure they have current and useful tips and knowledge that will help them in their career
 Who has been the greatest inspiration in your life today?
My Dad has taught me so much in life in regards to being a great human being.  He always mentored people, gave back to the community , could sing his ass off , had swag , and was well respected. He inspires me everyday to never give up.
 What do you consider to be your best skill?
Hmm? Best Skill ? I think being empathetic has helped me in all aspects of art . When I’m writing songs that pertain to emotions or situations I haven’t been through, I can tap into the feelings of another . This is invaluable to me as an actor as well.
If everything you ever did, career wise, was taken away, and you had nothing, but I came to you and asked you for five things that you learned through your journey in life, what would they be? 
1) I can get through anything  2) No one can take my talent or drive away from me 3) I have a 100% shot at missing a chance that I never take. 4) smile and make others smile  5) It’s not over till I’m dead, so move your ass .
unnamed-3 What projects are you currently working on? Which project is going to release first in the coming days?
I am currently working on my first Music project. ( Hopefully to be released in the coming months.) I have singles on Itunes already, but this will be a whole body of music . I starred in the movie  “Don’t Marry Griff” which was released a couple of months ago from Color of Love Productions . Shooting Season 3 of the hit web series “Bait” from Lee Hayes . I’m also filming my first Sci -Fi’ short film next week in NYC and Jersey very excited about that!
(Editor’s note: You can watch BAIT on the NYPS Network here)
What’s your one biggest pet peeve?
Just rude and disrespectful people
How has your career changed you as a person?
It has made me extremely busy !!!!  But I love it, and wouldn’t have it any other way . I look at everything now with an eye of understanding , even when it is not my point of view per se. I also think about the legacy I want to carve out in my career.
 What do you work on in your free time? 
Free time? What’s that ? I try to write songs, spend time with friends and family, and veg out in front of the TV
  What does “Trendsetter” mean to you, and would you consider yourself a “Trendsetter”?
To me a “Trendsetter” paves the way for others to be inspired by .  Every day I try to push the boundaries of what is expected, and be the best artist I can be. Whether I’m singing, modeling, or acting in films and webseries that show a different side of the American reality, I want to give something fresh .To me that’s the epitome of a Trendsetter

Interview conducted by: Centineo Brown

Editor In Chief: Dannie Stewart

RizeUp Magazine Chair: Liz Grossman


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