50 Trendsetters To Watch #7: Alex Jante, Atlanta, GA


If 2016 is any indication, 2017 is going to be the year of Alex Jante.

The 27 year old was born in Illinois, outside of Chicago, in Joliet and has a love for acting and writing. He is the eldest of six children. He now resides in Atlanta after attending Jackson State University where he studied computer science.

15977232_10208592805674727_5322648925713559423_nYou would never guess it by the  amazing work he does on several shows and productions he has been involved in (available to watch on the NYPS Network), but during his high school year he was more of a introvert. Much like today, he did keep busy in school as evident by a host of extra curricular activities: chess  club, drama club, cross country, wrestling and track, just to name a few.

Alex has a good bond with his family and faith. His father was very accepting of his sexuality, embracing him with support in a few ways, one being providing him with books from E. Lynn Harris. He grew up in the Baptist church, but considers himself non denominational.

He considers a trendsetter to be someone who is comfortable through and through – just being themselves. They become so attractive that it causes other people to emulate their style. Because he always acts the same around everyone, in any environment – he feels he is a trendsetter. One trait a trendsetter carries, that he has, is patience. “It’s important to try and understand different opinions and lines of thought”, he stated.


Alex is currently a business analyst for State Farm, a position he has held for 6 years. 16708583_10208824253300773_451200848364339676_nHe plans to build a new home from the ground up within ten years from now, a goal he is currently working on. For his 30th birthday he has small plans – a trip to Australia with his closest friends.

A few places to get a glimpse of his acting are hit shows “Steel River When They Were Young”, “About Him”, “Kaleidoscope” , “FreeFall” and “Judy’s”

The NYPS Network airs most of these shows and sometimes receives push back that Black LGBT shows are becoming “soft core porn”. When asked about this he stated that there is nothing different about these shows than what you see in our culture today, that you will find the exact same things in the heterosexual black media. The stereotype of being black and gay makes some feel we are doing something wrong. He states that every role he takes on has good story lines that include sexual scenes – similar to what you see on True Blood and Vampire Diaries.

When asked if there is anything he would  not do, he drew the line at having actual sex on a show or porn.

Alex also is very supportive of the Black LGBT community as evident by his work with National Youth Pride Services, a urban, creative, intellectual and socially forward movement for Black LGBTQ young adults in the U.S., Canada, Africa and Brazil. He took part in a socially forward project for NYPS called #OldSKoolJams. This was where young adults were given songs from the past and had to explain how those songs are still relevant for today.  More than 4,000 people viewed his educational piece.Take a look:


Written by: Frank Walker

Editor in Chief: Dannie Stewart

Board of Directors: Liz Grossman












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