50 Trendsetters To Watch #35: Tyson Anthony

When we hosted the first annual NYPS Network Awards, we knew something by Tyson Anthony would win. What we didn’t know is how dominant his shows would be in the first year of our new network.

On March 23, 2017, the NYPS Network will celebrate it’s 1 year anniversary. Of those 52 weeks, A Tyson Anthony show was ranked #1 for  49 weeks. This is significant when you look at the fact that the NYPS Network carries more than 500 shows, live, pre-recorded, pay-per-view and via radio.

The most watched episode of a show on the NYPS Network was Tyson Anthony’s “About Him” episode 10, Best Friends.

Tyson Anthony has been writing since the age of eighteen. He’s explored nearly every genre, from Horror, Romance, to SciFi. He aims to write tales with situations ripped from his own life and of other gay men’s lives that he’s met throughout his existence. but he’s also willing to take readers into the world of the unknown. Tyson is not shy to admit that sex has a presence in adult life and it’s featured often in his writings without comprising the plot.

Tyson is definitely a trendsetter to watch in 2017.

Editors note: About Him is written by Tyson Anthony and distributed by BawnTV, not the NYPS Network. Bawn TV is available along with all other pay tv channels on the NYPS Network


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