50 Epic Alumni: #47 Brandon Long, Chicago, IL

There are just some people you expect to see at a event YPC was having back in the day. 48175124_10213173945520250_2526719764064108544_oOne of those people is Brandon Long.  Holding several positions during his tenure, speaking on behalf of Youth Pride whenever he was put on the spot to do so, and being the first and only person able to recite our motto backwards on cue, you can’t have a discussion about epic alumni, without mentioning him.

Brandon has also become a donor, supporting current generations of members and may be attending his first cruise with us in 2019.

“NYPS previously known as YPC was a home for me. A home that I could be myself and free in when I couldn’t do so at the home I was born in. The organization not only taught the basic knowledge that every LGBT person needs to know but it gave me a chance to meet some of the most important people in my life. The fun I have had with the organization with trips, events, and memories made is truly priceless and unforgettable! Thank you Francisco Walker for creating an organization that not only groomed me in our community, but taught me how to be comfortable in my own skin.” ~Sexy’B.

Join us throughout the month of February as we highlight 50 Epic Alumni who helped to make us the international movement we are today. Every young person who has come through our doors has helped to shape us, but we could never cover all of them. This edition we want to highlight 50, in no particular order, that have made a long lasting impression on our movement.


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