50 Epic Alumni: Dance Legacy

It’s no secret the LGBTQ community has produced some amazing dancers. From sponsoring dance teams to putting on amazing performances at fundraisers, wedding, funerals, special events and more, these alumni helped build our reputation as the home of some of the finest dancers around – including a few allies who performed for us. You can find almost all of them dancing on a higher level across the country to this day – some you may recognize from TV.

Jovan Sharp, considered the founder of our dance legacy. NYPS Class of 2012 Hall of Fame Inductee
Malachi Perkins attended Morehouse.
Anshae Lorenzen is considered one of our best “home grown” talents ever.
Jahmal Chase, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and the most award winning dancer in our history.
Chris Braz made his debut dancing for NYPS in his home town of Detroit at the Allied Media Conference, after NYPS produced a project we contributed to and has appeared in several media productions.
Morgan Williams (ally) first performed for us at the Living Legends Black History Gala and has since appeared on a popular televised dance competition.
You can’t talk about dance legacy without talking about Kris Rhodes. His list of firsts include: first to become a pro dancer, first to become a pro model, first to become a dance teacher, and was the first to be on the cover of our magazine when it debuted.



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