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LYRK Music gives us a sample of thier future music editions in the winter edition of our magazine.


We take a look at three new faces of the movement.


A new section in the winter edition of RizeUp features recipies. Check it out.


The winter 2017 edition of our magazine features a intimate interview with Pierre Phipps of the Freaky Boiz.

Winter 2017

The Winter 2017 edition of our magazine will be available online and in print in December.

50 Trendsetters To Watch #41 Eden’s Garden

Web series have become extremely popular in the past few years with nearly 150 currently out or in production. That’s great for exposure of our community, but only one is setting a new trend. Check out Eden’s Garden, which has an all transgenger cast. You can also catch them on the NYPS NETWORK

50 Trendsetters To Watch #40 Swanny River

Born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. Swanny River is not a newcomer when talking Hip Hop. Swanny River totally believes in the art of expression. His tracks are created through inspiration in hopes of crafting timeless music. Having a love & Respect for the culture he expanded his ear but never forgot the days of…

50 Trendsetters To Watch #39: GAVYKO, New York

GAVYKO & CO, LLC is a creative conglomerate that promotes and provides vocal platforms for authenticity, affirmation and new social norms. When there wasn’t enough space for a gender-fluid black kid like me, I decided to create a world where there was: a world where voices weren’t denied their power. I remember sitting in my…

50 Trendsetters To Watch #38: The Lesbian Collective

Meet the people behind the trendsetting Lesbian Collective! Stoney G Born in Brooklyn, NY. ¬†Currently resides in Woodbridge, NJ. I’m the lead trainer for The Cheesecake Factory in Edison, NJ My passion is spreading joy and love. ¬†I believe a smile can go a long way and if everyone spreads a little more joy this…

50 Trendsetters To Watch #37: “Pretty Dudes”

You’re probably wondering why a show with only one LGBTQ character made our list of Trendsetters to watch in 2017 right? But that fact is the most important reason! Imagine a show featuring straight guys being unapologetically supportive of thier gay friend, that doesn’t make him look like less of a man compared to the…

50 Trendsetters To Watch #36: Emery Lavell Johnson

He’s no stranger to us as he spent his teen years as a proud member of Youth Pride, like so many up and coming stars across the county have. Even then we knew something was special about him. If we had to put a label on him that would best define his years with us…